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We are an independent and charitable association for people with mental disabilities and their families. Established in 1961, the Lebenshilfe Münster offers professional services and facilities for people with mental disabilities, their families and friends.
With the notion that “It´s normal to be different” and with our commitment to equal rights and equal participation, we encourage people with mental disabilities to shape their individual way of life. For these reasons, we campaign to improve quality of life and strive for acceptance, respect and recognition of people with mental disabilities. We demand equal access to all aspects of society; we reject social exclusion and promote the right to self-determination and a guided independence.
The concept of self-help is inherent to the Lebenshilfe-philosophy. As such, we aim to provide people with mental disabilities, as well as their families and the professionals who assist them, with a platform to exchange experiences and ideas for a comprehensive method of self-help. We also offer support services for all areas of life, including: assisted living, family counseling, integration support aides, and the organization of free-time activities: that´s Lebenshilfe!

The following offers a short overview of the different aspects of our services. For further information and counseling, please contact us!

Family Support Service

The Family Support Service of the Lebenshilfe Münster assists and supports families in their role as caretakers for people with mental disabilities. Our team provides both hands-on help and expert counseling. For example, if you need personal time, a break or if you have an important meeting, our volunteers are here to take care of your relative. With a caring consideration of your relative´s special needs, our volunteers may visit you at home or accompany your relative to an appointment. We offer the flexibility and availability adapted to your schedule and to meet your needs.

Integration Support Aides

For students with mental or physical handicaps, intensive assistance in daily school life is vital. An Integration Aide offers the support and assistance required to facilitate daily life. Together with the Integration Aide, students learn how to navigate daily tasks, how to use communication tools and how to interact with other students. Our Integration Aides work to strengthen the independence of the individual and, wherever possible, to incrementally reduce the intensity of the assistance on a step-by-step basis.

Curative Pedagogy

Curative Pedagogy offers intensive support for families who take care of a child with a disability or a child at risk for developing one. Aside from general questions families may have concerning education, there are several uncertainties and challenges that may arise in daily life. We are here to provide guidance and counseling for families who need support.
In this regard, our team supports parents in dealing with their child´s disability, we find strategies to strengthen the parent-child-relationship and offer concrete assistance throughout difficult situations. The family as a whole, and not only the “special” child, is at the center of attention.

Residence and Housing Solutions

The objective of the Lebenshilfe Münster is to empower people with a disability - or with multiple disabilities - to lead an autonomous and independent life in an environment they choose – at each stage in life. We aim to support each person according to individual needs – with our permanent residences as well as external care assisted living. 

External-Care-Based Assisted Living
To live in independent housing means to live in your own apartment or house. Our External-Care-Based Assisted Living – Services offer adults with a mental disability the support, assistance and counsel needed to cope with the challenge of living in an independent housing.
Our team tries to find answers for all questions, big and small, that come up in daily life. These questions may be in regard to financial affairs, dealing with correspondence and other aspects of coping with day-to-day life. We also address practical concerns, such as daily errands, cooking or cleaning the apartment. The relationship between the assistant and the assisted person should be based on mutual trust so that personal issues can be discussed as well.
The extent and intensity of support is based on the special requirements of each individual. 

Permanent habitation
There are two permanent residences in Münster: “Wohnhaus Edelbach” in Münster-Coerde and “Wohnhaus Meesenstiege” in Münster-Hiltrup. Both are for adults with mental disabilities. In addition to these, we have a residence especially for children, called “Wohnnest”. The “Wohnnest” provides short-term housing for children when their parents cannot take care of them, due to either hospitalization or because the parents need a temporary break. The “Wohnnest” also offers longer-term-care for children with multiple disabilities who cannot live with their parents.

Leisure time

Leisure time is an important part of everyone´s life. Our leisure educators encourage and inspire people with mental disabilities of all ages to spend their free time in the way they choose. Our team plans and organizes several different activities to suit every personality. People with disabilities can choose from a variety of cultural trips, physical activities and sports, to more general leisure and relaxation activities. Groups are divided bay age and meet on a weekly basis after school or work to spend their free time together. During holidays, we offer trips to different locations in Germany. Those who enjoy nature can choose between a week at the sea-side and in the mountains, those who prefer urban atmosphere can take a trip to the city. For younger people, we also offer several local vacation-activities in Münster.
Our team aspires to facilitate enjoyable leisure time for everyone, independent from his or her handicap. Of course, each activity and each trip is supervised and accompanied by an adequate number of trained counselors.



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